Presidential Elections held in Nagorno-Karabkh

On Thursday, presidential elections were held in Nagorno-Karabkh.This enclave is Azerbaijani, but populated primarily by ethnic Armenians who are trying to separate from Azerbaijan. The region has been fought over for two decades following the dissolution of the Soviet Union. The winner of the election was the incumbent candidate, Bako Saakyan. The EU and other countries do not recognize the sovereignty of Nagorno-Karabakh and see it as part of sovereign Azerbaijan.

The election focused on internal issues and is unlikely to have any effect on the status quo of the inter-nation conflict. Voter turnout was reportedly over 73% and was monitored by representatives from Russia, Armenia, the US and other countries.

There were approximately 100,000 people voting in the election between four main candidates. Azerbaijan has accused the elections as being part of an Armenian plan to increase isolation from Azerbaijan and stated it a provocation. Following a number of border skirmishes earlier this year, there are fears that the region could return to full-scale war.


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