Kyrgyzstan PM says provincial economic development is a top prioirity

The Prime Minister Omurbek Babanov of Kyrgyzstan has stated that the development of the outer provinces of the country are a top priority for the Kyrgyz government, as reported in Central Asia Online.

“Every village administration has been allotted funds for opening veterinary centres. We’ve opened lines for credit for farmers. We intend to develop the provinces and become the agricultural leader in Central Asia. We’ll increase state support for agriculture and by 2017 will have allocated 10 billion KGS (US $212.8m) to finance this sector,”

Assuming this money actually makes it to the intended recipients, this could be a boon for rural provinces. 2/3 of the country live in rural settings. The government’s focus on the outer provinces and rural population indicate a continued focus on the overall growth of the country, something the new administration was adamant about when they took power.

The new government, headed by Babanov, came to power in December 2011, pledging to take the first 100 days to modernize the country, including a focus on eradicating corruption. This program also included substantial agricultural assistance. The deadline of that 100 days, March 30, has gone but the government declared they accomplished 90% of their goals. Obviously, longevity is key here in gaining a firm understanding of the impact of this program, but Kyrgyz officials state that the first 100 days set a positive tone for the economy and the administration.

Kyrgyzstan prides itself on being the least corrupt (according to leadership) and friendliest of the Central Asian Republics. It has a number of initiatives working towards community engagement, including an initiative that engages community members and tourists to encourage a more personal experience, called Community Based Tourism. Here’s an alternative information site about CBT.


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