Back in the USSR: The Rise and Demise of the Eurasian Union by Casey Michel

A CES Analysis Guest Post by Casey Michel

Our thanks to Casey for contributing this great article (PDF), which tracks the rise and fall of Putin’s much-vaunted Eurasian Union – before it even really began. The founding members of the forth-coming Eurasian Union will include Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, but the union looks set to come at the expense of the economies of the latter two nations. While this may not register internationally for Belarus, oil- and gas-rich Kazakhstan is apparently at the receiving end of a raw deal, and unlikely to benefit from what looks to be a blatant attempt to reconsolidate the Soviet Union. Casey Michel examines Ukraine’s undeniable history of thwarting such attempts and how its unlikely absorption means the Eurasian Union is, geopolitically speaking, a non-starter.

Back in the USSR- Rise and Demise of the Eurasian Union


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