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It’s Not Just LGBT That The Sochi Games Are Hurting – Here’s Seven Other Reasons Putin’s Games are Shameful

  The Sochi Games have already brought a lot of attention to shameless corruption and gross violations of human rights in Russia, all the while revealing the deterioration of state institutions. Thus, as a political prestige-boosting enterprise, the 2014 Winter Olympics are already a failure.                                     – Pavel K. Baev, for the Jamestown […]

10 Reasons the US Foreign Policy Community Can’t Afford to Ignore Eurasia

2014 is bound to be a year of pundits asking, ad nauseam, ‘What’s next for Afghanistan?” It’s an important question, especially with Iraq currently providing a harrowing harbinger of what can go wrong after a drawdown of US forces.  However, in the din surrounding the pull-out from Afghanistan, questions about strategy for the larger Central […]

Russia’s ‘Trial of the Century’: Who is Navalny and why is Putin afraid of him?

It’s been in almost every newspaper and Eurasia blog recently: One of the leading voices in Russia’s protest movement, Aleksei Navalny (RU), is on trial in the city of Kirov, to the northeast of Moscow. He stands accused of the theft of approximately half a million dollars from a timber firm in Kriov. He is […]

Opposition figures missing in Tajikistan

Two opposition figures, representing two separate interest groups in Tajikistan, have been reported missing since March 15. Since the violence in the remote region of Gorno-Badakhshan in July of 2012, there’s been not-so-subtle crackdown on opposition, increased restrictions of online activity and now two prominent activists disappearing within days of each other. With elections planned […]

AGRI LNG: From Turkmenistan to Europe

The Azerbaijan-Georgia-Romania-Hungary Natural Gas Interconnector (AGRI) plans to transport natural gas for Turkmenistan via LNG tanker across the Caspian to the Sangachal Terminal in Eastern Azerbaijan.  From there the LNG will be gasified and transmitted across Azerbaijan and Georgia to the planned Kulevi Terminal on the Black Sea where it will be re-liquefied for a […]

Casey Michel: A Year Since Zhanaozen

Apologies to Casey and our readers for the delay in posting this, it was written to be posted the 16th of December, to mark the anniversary of events in Zhanaozen, when 16 were killed and over 100 wounded in clashes between riot police and residents during an independence day gathering. As ever, thanks to @cjcmichel for his-always […]

Post-election analysis in Georgia – eccentric billionaires and government officials being arrested

Georgia’s political scene has been tumultuous recently, to say the least. First there was a prison scandal, followed by a general election. The newly-elected prime minister, part of the (now former) opposition party, said a few days after his widely hailed victory that he planned on stepping down after 18 months. Now, former government officials, […]