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Euromaidan protests : How are Central Asia and the Caucasus reacting?

For those who only casually followed events in Ukraine, the trajectory of pro-European protests to full-scale revolution, to the ousting of the President, and now Russian incursions into Crimea are confusing, scary and giving people flashbacks  of a time not so long ago, as the US breaks military ties with Russia and contemplates sanctions. This […]

A Guide to Conflict in the North Caucasus

The Caucasus are restive. In the North Caucasus conflicts, according to International Crisis Group: “Overall in 2011, more than 750 security personnel, insurgents and civilians were killed and at least 628 were injured in the region. In the first nine months of 2012, 574 people were killed and 422 wounded.” There are active terrorist groups, […]

10 Reasons the US Foreign Policy Community Can’t Afford to Ignore Eurasia

2014 is bound to be a year of pundits asking, ad nauseam, ‘What’s next for Afghanistan?” It’s an important question, especially with Iraq currently providing a harrowing harbinger of what can go wrong after a drawdown of US forces.  However, in the din surrounding the pull-out from Afghanistan, questions about strategy for the larger Central […]

Chechnya and Dagestan are Not the Same Thing: A Brief Look at Conflict in the Caucasus

The Boston Bomber suspects may be Chechen and lived at one time in Dagestan. These are not the same places. We don’t know anything else about the suspects, and they have/had lived in America for a very long time as well. But since Chechnya and Dagestan are all over the news now, here’s the very […]

Anti-Terrorism Operations in the Northern Caucasus: Updated and more detailed

While everyone in the States was busy thinking about/ignoring the debates, a Russian Anti-Terrorism force launched an operation that resulted in 49 militants killed and 219 people taken into custody. As CES has previously reported, the Northern Caucasus are seething. Militants have attacked police stations, checkpoints, hospitals, and energy infrastructure. Suicide bombs are frequently detonated, […]

CES News Round Up

Apologies, readers, for the lack of coverage the past week – times have been hectic as the fall starts. A longer analytical article on water wars is forthcoming but for now, here’s what we’ve really enjoyed reading the past week. “The First Political Trial in Kazakhstan” by Casey Michel at Registan: Article is a great explanation of […]

Northern Caucasus are roiling as Dagestan’s violence spills into Georgia and Tatarstan

The past month has brought a surge in reporting on conflicts, skirmishes and violence in the Caucasus region of southern Russia. These are not only insurgencies against Russia, but also a hostage situation in Georgia. As always, reports are inconclusive and questions always remain about motivation and who exactly is fighting whom. Much of the […]