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CES on the ground: An interview with Roza Otunbayeva, former President of Kyrgyzstan

On December 13, the Eurasia Foundation awarded Roza Otunbayeva, the former President of Kyrgyzstan, the 2012 Bill Maynes Award for demonstrating visionary leadership throughout Kyrgyzstan’s constitutional transition and providing a lifelong example of public service. President Otunbayeva held the office of the Presidency after the 2010 April uprising, and voluntarily stepped down from office following […]

CES On the Ground: A conversation with Kazakh director Ermek Shinarbaev, Steven-Charles Jaffe and Gulsara Mukataeva

CES was lucky enough to be able to discuss Kazakh film with the noted Kazakh director Ermek Shinarbaev, Producer Steven-Charles Jaffe and Sound Engineer Gulsara Mukataeva prior to a screening of the Kazakh film, Kelin, which is a story set in pre-historic Kazakhstan told without dialogue. It is not a silent film, rather dialogue simply […]