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A Guide to Conflict in the North Caucasus

The Caucasus are restive. In the North Caucasus conflicts, according to International Crisis Group: “Overall in 2011, more than 750 security personnel, insurgents and civilians were killed and at least 628 were injured in the region. In the first nine months of 2012, 574 people were killed and 422 wounded.” There are active terrorist groups, […]

It’s Not Just LGBT That The Sochi Games Are Hurting – Here’s Seven Other Reasons Putin’s Games are Shameful

  The Sochi Games have already brought a lot of attention to shameless corruption and gross violations of human rights in Russia, all the while revealing the deterioration of state institutions. Thus, as a political prestige-boosting enterprise, the 2014 Winter Olympics are already a failure.                                     – Pavel K. Baev, for the Jamestown […]

10 Reasons the US Foreign Policy Community Can’t Afford to Ignore Eurasia

2014 is bound to be a year of pundits asking, ad nauseam, ‘What’s next for Afghanistan?” It’s an important question, especially with Iraq currently providing a harrowing harbinger of what can go wrong after a drawdown of US forces.  However, in the din surrounding the pull-out from Afghanistan, questions about strategy for the larger Central […]

Russia’s ‘Trial of the Century’: Who is Navalny and why is Putin afraid of him?

It’s been in almost every newspaper and Eurasia blog recently: One of the leading voices in Russia’s protest movement, Aleksei Navalny (RU), is on trial in the city of Kirov, to the northeast of Moscow. He stands accused of the theft of approximately half a million dollars from a timber firm in Kriov. He is […]

Gangster Squad: The Caucasus

Gangsters brings to mind an age of machine guns, cigars, prohibition, bombshell damsels looking for a way out, and most recently, Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling being attractive together. There’s a vague remembrance that these are people whose lifestyles are predicated on extortion, violence, oppression, and death. But when it’s just so romanticized by Hollywood, […]

In case you missed it: The Russian military base in Tajikistan

In early October, Tajikistan and Russia agreed to extend the lease on a Russian military base with three locations in Dushanbe, Kulyab and Kurgan-Tyube for 30 years. The October 5 agreement ended months of negotiations, beginning in September 2011 with a joint announcement that the two countries would continue their military relationships. Talks deteriorated for months while […]