CES Analysis

Articles featuring original analysis by CES contributors:

Back in the USSR: The Rise and Demise of the Eurasian Union

Rogun Dam: A Nexus of Conflict and Opportunity 

Georgia: Post-Election Analysis

Anti-terrorism Operations in the Northern Caucasus

Central Asia’s Newest Natural Gas Keystone 

Water Wars in Central Asia

Tajikistan’s Hydrocarbon Windfall: Playing the Hand

Northern Caucasus are roiling as Dagestan’s violence spills into Georgia and Tatarstan

Russia’s military exerts itself in Central Asia

Courting Tajikistan

Illuminating Turkmenistan’s Demographics

Political Trial Seen as Test for Kazakhstan by Western Partners

Who is the winner of oil squabbling between Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan?

Fighting in Tajikistan follows Nazarov’s Death

Cowboy Diplomacy in Kyrgyzstan (literally)

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